Customers - Safety Culture

Safety Is Everyone's Business, Safety Is Good Business

In today's business environment every carrier, driver, and customer must know SAFETY MATTERS MOST. Progressive Transportation Inc., in its endeavor to be the safest carrier on the road, works daily with its customers to ensure our roads are safe and customers' shipments are delivered on time. If delays at loading or during transit occur, delivery schedules are changed as necessary to make sure drivers have enough time to deliver the load safely and securely. Customers are kept informed of the latest safety rules and regulations. Our annual in-person meetings with our customers contain a safety review as part of the discussion. The Progressive safety culture doesn't just include our drivers, contractors, and office staff. Every customer is a key part of our “safety success”. At Progressive Transportation Inc., safety really is everyone's business.


Beware of black ice.  Black ice can fool drivers into thinking its water. Black ice is likely to form first under bridges and overpasses, in shady spots, and at intersections.