Progressive Transportation Owner Operators

Drivers - Owner Operators

In 1995 Progressive Transportation Inc. had 15 Owner Operators. The principles that drove us in 1995 are the same principles that drive us now. We are a small company providing personal service to its clients, contractors and drivers. You are known by your name here, not a number. The open door policy is still the policy. There have been changes since 1995; the industry has changed and we have had to change with it. Safety has always been important, but now it is critically measured. Technology is part of our everyday life, whether it is your cell phone, PeopleNet or GPS. Trucks are more sophisticated and get better fuel mileage, but they are more expensive to repair. More importantly, contractors and carriers today have to be true partners. We must work together to provide the services clients require, and the profits that each of us needs to stay in business. We want to be your partner and ask that you take the time and talk with us and see if we measure up.


Beware of black ice.  Black ice can fool drivers into thinking its water. Black ice is likely to form first under bridges and overpasses, in shady spots, and at intersections.