Progressive Transportation Services - Stage, Broadway, Symphony Productions

Services - Stage, Broadway, Symphony Productions

Can you imagine a ballet without costumes, a music concert without sound and lighting, a play without sets? Now the date has been set. The advertising has done its job. The audience has bought all the tickets. THE SHOW MUST GO ON! To make the show a success, the show must be delivered on time, at the right venue, without any hitches. The planning and prep work for stage design and production is immense. The lighting must arrive along with the costumes, instruments, props and all else. They must arrive and unload in a specific order. If one truck is late, it throws the whole production off and costs thousands of dollars. Progressive Transportation handles many production moves during the year. From ballets to music to stage productions, we plan, coordinate and track all aspects of the move. Our 24/7 monitoring ensures on-time delivery. Our 24/7 communication makes sure that if a problem should arise, it will be handled immediately to ensure that the SHOW GOES ON.


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