Progressive Transportation Letter from the President

Letter From The President

In 1995 Progressive Transportation opened its doors to service the specialized pad wrap market. Since that day in April much has changed in our industry. Fax machines and pagers are a distance memory replaced by the internet and Social Media. Today's trucks are equipped with on board computers, GPS and real time communication. The trucking industry has new rules allowing electronic logging and various changes to the Hours of Service regulations, which focus on the safety of professional drivers and the motoring public. Technology will continue to evolve but the driving force of any successful company are the people with the skill set to provide industry leading products, services, and customer service at all levels.

Whether it is our drivers, planners, dispatchers, safety personnel or support staff, our clients are treated with professionalism and respect. Everyone, including our clients, are encouraged to provide feedback on ways to improvement processes, procedures and promote Progressive Transportation 's Safety and Customer Service Cultures. Progressive Transportation is a community of people whom, with their help, make us successful.

Please take a moment and review our services and the information we have provided here. We hope you will find it interesting enough to give us the opportunity to work with you. Regardless if you are a manufacturer/distributor/retailer/company looking for transportation services or a contractor/driver looking for an opportunity, our goal is to help you be successful.

Thank you for your interest. We hope to hear from you soon.


Craig Olsen


Beware of black ice.  Black ice can fool drivers into thinking its water. Black ice is likely to form first under bridges and overpasses, in shady spots, and at intersections.